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Ammaiyappan Foundation

Ammaiyappan Foundation is a non-governmental organization. It has been started with a view to lift the under privileged down trodden people from their drudging and misery. This trust is serving people who have only one meal for a day and does not have any access for education .Also It attempts to bring in a change to the lives of the less privileged in the area of health, skill, and education. The journey started with a core team of professionals in the year 2020. Our vision is to create awareness and build a socially conscious selfless society helping people in distress, poverty and during the crisis ...

Our Mission

To provide educational - medical assistance, organize health awareness programmes, celebrate festivals and special days with orphans, destitute and differently - abled children, render timely help and relief during disaster / crisis, and mobilize like-minded people to build a socially conscious, selfless society.

Our Vision

To create awareness and build a socially conscious, selfless society, helping people in distress, poverty and during crisis.

Our Goal

We are trying to help peoples around the world who need a helping hands.

Our Programs

We provide a mix of practical support, education and health promotion that aims to change poor health behaviours into positive behaviours.

Get Involved

Have you ever considered having your friends and family donate on their birthday? Get invove with us and wil do together as a team.

Save the Earth

We passionately believe that no matter where you live, you have a right to access quality basic services.

Latest News & Events


Subsidy for Wage Workers

100 kg of rice was donated to the laundry workers today by the Ammayappan Foundation...

Covid Medicine Distribution

We given the Covid Medicine distribution by Annur Villega people. ...

Rice & Vegetable Distribution

100 kg of rice and vegetables were given to the cleaners who worked during the Korana period...